Bikes Vs Cars

The Bike Data Project is all about aggregating bike data. Our aim is to create impact by showing where and when people actually bicycle. More data means more influence over those in power to make cities more sustainable and bike-friendly.

People who work in departments of transportation and city planners around the world need data like this to help them develop modern infrastructure and sustainable cities. Some of them are aware and others we have to convince. And the more data we can provide, the greater impact we shall have.

The data can also be very useful for other bike related products and services. The common goal is to make cities better adapted for bikes. For us and the people to come.

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The app tracks the distance covered during the user’s cycling trips and converts that data into CO2 emissions saved. Using this data, the app is able to provide information on both an individual and a collective impact. While the user will be able to track and record their own bike trips, their data will be shared so that a total number of kilometers traveled and CO2/oil saved per city will be displayed.

The Bikes vs. Cars app is a political tool. We hope the data will be used as a basis for a larger, political discussion around traffic, oil and climate change, and can at the same time function as feedback for city-planners and can lead to traffic-calming measures being installed where they are needed the most.