Super Counts

Riding to Melbourne CBD bounces back

Bike commuting in Melbourne is bouncing back in the wake of the COVID years and numbers are up more than 50% on last year, according to data from today's annual Super Tuesday bike count.

Bike counts data is in for Super Tuesday North

The Super Tuesday North reports have been finalised for 2022, and they show mixed results for ridership in the northern regions of the nation. The annual Super Tuesday South Count was completed on 6th of September, 2022 from 7am – 9am, with some surveys completed on following Tuesdays where required. Over 8,000 bike riders were [...]

Super Tuesday count kicks off

Bicycle Network's Super Tuesday commuter bike count kicked off today, with volunteer counters tallying bike riders around the country.

Bike rider numbers continue to grow

The latest count of people riding during COVID-19 has confirmed what we've all been thinking – they're bursting at the seams and we need more space to ride.